Follow Creators, Not Platforms
Grayjay enables you to create and watch video content in your own terms, fully retaining ownership and having control over what you watch. Your content on your terms
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Add your favourite sources
Add different sources from different services. Create an environment where you watch only things you like
and more plugins coming...
Import and source configurations
You can import subscriptions and playlists from supported sources and configure the way you like to use them
Your Own Content, Your Own Way
Watch your favorite content on your own terms just like you want it.
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Your Account
Access your data
Login to your existing platform accounts to enable account related features
Import your Data
Import your subscriptions and playlists from any supported platform
Access Your Recommendations
Get the same recommendations you usually would get on that platform
Play what you want, how you want it
Empowering you to have control over the content you want to watch
Universal feed
Universal feed enables you to access all of your subscriptions and content in one place. View only content you like. No restrictions
Add and configure sources
Configure which platforms to watch by enabling plugins
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Live Streams and Chat
Watch live content on any supported platform with live chat
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Background Play
We support both Picture-In-Picture as well as background play, you configure what you prefer
Paid and free, side by side
Just log into the plugin and see paid and unpaid content
Stay completely offline
Embrace a private viewing experience, without compromising your data or privacy
Locally stored history
Your watch history does not leave your device unless you configure it that way
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Offline Playlists & Subscriptions
Have full control of your own feed without being at the mercy of algorithms
Offline Playback
Download a video or entire playlists for when you need it and enjoy your favorite content fully offline
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Watch it on big screen
Enjoy seamless streaming with just a few taps, bringing your entertainment to life on the big screen.
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Cast your favorite content to multiple devices, including FCast, Airplay and Chromecast.
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Claim your identity on through Harbor
Harbor is a service which enables you to preserve your identity on the internet
Link your identity across apps
Directly connect with your audience
Monetize your content
Learn more
Polycentric protocol
A distributed text-based social network centered around communities
Retain ownership of your data, no matter where it is
Take more control over your comment section
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Platform indepedent ratings
News & Updates
Explore our news & updates. Stay tuned for stories, insights, and current events
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Download the Grayjay app
Download Grayjay by scanning QR code or clicking the Download button. Also available on FDroid

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Grayjay?

Grayjay is a cutting-edge mobile app that serves as a video player and source aggregator. It allows you to stream and organize videos from various sources, providing a unified platform for your entertainment needs.

What platforms is Grayjay available on?

Grayjay is currently available on Android, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones.

Do you have a desktop version?

A desktop version is being considered in the future. However, our focus right now is the Android app.

Do you have a iOS version?

Not in the near future, our focus right now is a first class Android application.

Are you a streaming service or platform?

No, we are an aggregator to facilitate other streaming platforms. We do not host any content or distribute any content from servers.

Can I see the source code?

Yes, we have a Gitlab repository here: Grayjay Gitlab Repository

How does Grayjay make money?

We sell licenses.


Can I change the tabs?

Yes, you can change which tabs are visible, by going to settings and clicking "Manage Tabs".

Where is the subscription tab?

The subscription tab is only visible if you have any subscriptions. It could also be located under More if you changed the tab order.

How do subscriptions work?

When you subscribe to a creator we store the metadata of their channel locally on your device. Your subscriptions feed is a reverse-chronological list of videos of all creators you subscribed to. We also show live streams and planned streams at the top.

Can I create playlists and organize my videos in Grayjay?

Yes, Grayjay allows you to create custom playlists and organize your videos based on your preferences. You can easily categorize content, create playlists for different moods or occasions, and manage your video library effortlessly.

Does Grayjay require a subscription?

No, We offer a way to pay for the app once. The app will function identically without paying.

How do I import Subscriptions from NewPipe?

Export subscriptions in JSON format from NewPipe and then open this file in Grayjay.

How do I import Subscriptions from a platform?

Go to the sources tab, and click on the platform source you want to import from. After logging in, the "Import Subscriptions" button should be available (if the plugin supports it).

How do I import Playlists from a platform?

Go to the sources tab, and click on the platform source you want to import from. After logging in, the "Import Playlists" button should be available (if the plugin supports it).

How do I install a specific PeerTube instance?

Go to this website and enter the URL of your desired PeerTube instance PeerTube Plugin Host then click "Open in Grayjay" and it will offer to install that PeerTube instance as a plugin.

How do I link my accounts as a creator?

Using the Harbor app you can link your accounts together as a creator. Once linked, users subscribed to one of your channels, will see all of your linked channels.

How do I cast to a TV or desktop?

The recommended way to cast is to use the FCast Receiver app. This app works on Android, Android TV, MacOS, Windows and Linux. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from here We also support casting to ChromeCast. ChromeCast at the moment is still being improved and it requires proxying streams by your phone (unlike FCast) for any content that has separate video and audio streams. Lastly, we support AirPlay. However, AirPlay does not support the DASH protocol so we do not support playing content with separated video and audio streams to AirPlay devices.

Why is my home feed filled with random videos?

Grayjay does not track you out of the box. For this reason, platforms do not know what content to show you. If you want more personalized content you will need to login to the platforms.

Where can I find additional sources?

Additional sources can be downloaded here.

How do I search for videos?

Click on the home/subscriptions tab and click on search.

How do I search for playlists?

Click on the playlists tab and click on search.

How do I search for creators/channels?

Click on the creators tab and click on search.

Can I disable certain sources for a specific search?

Click on the filter button while viewing your search results and you can disable certain sources there.

How can I filter my search results?

You can easily refine your search results by clicking the filter button. This will display filter options applicable to all enabled sources. As you disable sources, additional filtering options may become available, since certain filters are more likely to be common across a narrower range of sources.

What are Polycentric comments and ratings?

Polycentric comments and ratings are an alternative to traditional platform-centric comments and ratings. They differ in the aspect of ownership and control. In a typical centralized social media platform, both comments and ratings are owned by the platform and the user, giving the platform leverage over individual users and content creators. This centralized control could lead to potential manipulation, censorship, or deletion of reviews and ratings. In contrast, Polycentric comments and ratings are decentralized and are fully owned by the individual users who create them. These are integrated into the Polycentric social network, which allows for a distributed, censorship-resistant system.

Support and Feedback

Is there a way to request specific sources or features in Grayjay?

Absolutely! We value user feedback. If you have specific video sources you'd like us to add or features you'd like to see in Grayjay, please reach out to us through the app or our website. We're always keen to enhance your experience based on your suggestions.

How can I report issues or seek assistance with Grayjay?

If you encounter any issues, have questions, or need assistance, our customer support team is here to help. You can contact us through the app, on the FUTO chat and using the feedback buttons found in settings.

Plugin Development

Can I create my own source?

Yes, you can write a plugin for Grayjay and allow people to install it. We keep expanding our documentation which you can find here: Plugin Development Documentation

Are there other docs available?

Yes, see here.