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Not Platforms


What you want to watch

One Universal Feed

View YouTube alongside paid content like Patreon, or even live platforms like Twitch.

Your Recommendations

Log into your platforms and receive the same recommendations you get on their website.

Import your Data

Import subscriptions and playlists from any supported platform.


How you want to play

Background Play

We support both Picture-In-Picture as well as background play, you configure what you prefer.

Offline Playback

Going on a long trip with spotty internet, or simply want to conserve bandwidth? Download the videos you want to watch ahead of time!

Live Streams and Chat

Watch live content on any supported platform with live chat.


What you like to discover

Watch Platforms You Like

Configure which platforms you like to watch. Don't like the home feed for a certain platform? You can enable or disable plugins for specific features.

Mixing Paid and Unpaid

Got a Patreon subscription on a creator you like? Just log into the Patreon plugin and see their paid and unpaid content side by side.

Offline Subscriptions

Using the offline subscriptions you can add creators to your feed without affecting recommendations or algorithms.


Organize how you want it

Offline Playlists

Create local playlists on your device, and play them however you like, be it on repeat or in shuffle.

Offline History

Your watch history does not leave your device unless you configure it that way.


Want to watch a video on the road, or just to save bandwidth? Download a video or entire playlists for when you need it.


Pick your device

Watch on the Big Screen

Don't limit yourself to your small phone screen, and experience the content on your TV or desktop.


Use our open-source receiver on any desktop or Android TV without limitations.


Cast to any Android TV using Chromecast.